SageSpot Community Guidelines

SageSpot is a place for individuals to participate in meaningful conversations on topics and interests that they are truly passionate about. The problem with the digital world is that sometimes, it is easy to forget that the person you are talking to is a real-life human being. These guiding principles are a subtle reminder of that.

We would love to not have to enforce the policies below but if we do, this is generally how we will proceed:

  • A gentle reminder or two of the rules
  • Brief account suspension
  • Banning of account and/or removal of inflammatory content

Guiding Principles

  • No Harrassment
    • Every individual has the right to an experience free of harassment, bullying, and threat of violence. Any Creator or User who incites violence or promotes hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.
  • No Sexually Explicit Content
    • Users may not post or share sexually explicit content designed to be sexually gratifying.
  • No Harmful or Illegal Content
    • Any content from a User or a Creator involving self-harm, graphic media (including violence and adult content), or illegal / certain regulated goods and services is explicitly banned from SageSpot.
  • No Fraud or Manipulation
    • No accounts should ever impersonate an individual or entity in a manner that is purposefully misleading or deceiving.
  • Intellectual and Property Rights
    • Accounts may not violate or infringe on other's property rights.
  • SageSpot Content
    • Creators work really hard to produce great content and are finally being adequately compensated on SageSpot. As such, it is against our policy for a user to transport content to other sites for non-paying individuals to view.
  • Ad-Free
    • SageSpot is a platform built to rescue Creators and Users from advertisements. As such, no account is permitted to post or display content that includes third-party advertising without prior consent.
  • Politics and Danger Free
    • SageSpot does not allow the following individuals and/or entities on its platform:
      • Politicians and/or Politically Affiliated Organizations
      • Dangerous Organizations
  • No Doxxing
    • Respect one another's privacy. Revealing someone's personal and/or confidential information is never allowed without their express authorization and permission.
  • Lastly, we are all working very hard to make a beautiful platform for people to have excellent conversations and experiences online, please don't tamper with or work to destroy what we have built here.

SageSpot is a different kind of place on the internet. There is world-class content in Spots from Creators and amazing posts in Engage Topics from subscribers. On SageSpot, all of our posts and contributions should be on topic and represent the conversation or Engage Topic they are in. If you come across behavior that you believe is in violation of these policies, please flag and report it to our team via the Reporting Tool. Some actions may be so obscene that they require immediate removal from the platform. SageSpot reserves the right to remove this content.

SageSpot may change these policies from time to time in order to further its pursuit of creating a better online experience for all.